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About Us

Hi! We’re A dedicated portal where one can download any kind of PDF files for free, with just a single click.

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However, there are several hundreds of websites from where one can download ebooks and other content in PDF format, but most of those websites displays annoying Ads, Links Redirection, Huge Banner ads, annoying Popups etc… before providing users the actual PDF downloading link, but in case of, there are no annoying ads, no redirection, no huge banners, no popups, just one click and you’ll have the PDF download link.


We would like to make the life of people easy who are willing to have content in the form of PDF for later reading or any other purpose. We create and collect the content which is searched by internet users in the form of PDF and make that available in just a single click.

If You Have any queries, feedback, suggestion, any complaint so please Contact Us using Email Id